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Dr. Oliver Rivers is a doctor in psychotherapy who has devoted his life to helping people heal themselves from cancer. Oliver has created Sunray, a wellbeing website and online community which will be the home of Sunray's workshops, retreats and also Oliver's video and audio teachings to empower and support self-healing and to help you to create a balanced, healthy and happy life.

Oliver has over 20 years ‘experience in professional counselling and psychotherapy, working both in Australia and overseas; in hospitals, medical centres and in private practice; with individuals and in groups. Oliver holds a Masters from Lesley University USA and a Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies in Intermodal Therapies Approach from the European Graduate School, Switzerland. Oliver has taught in various universities such as Lesley University (Netanya and Boston), Queen’s College [Melbourne University], International College [Melbourne University], LaTrobe University, RMIT University and MIECAT, in Melbourne.

Oliver has worked in institutions specialising in treating patients with cancer, cerebral palsy, trauma and victims of sexual abuse. He has extensive experience working with adults from diverse cultural backgrounds, with a wide range of issues including identity issues, relationship issues, depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. His research interests include the capacity for psychological change, spiritual awareness and self-development.

Influenced also by his extensive studies of Yoga and Buddhism in the Himalayas in India, both as a practitioner and a certified yoga teacher, Oliver has now dedicated himself solely to helping people heal themselves from cancer.

Oliver runs workshops in both Melbourne and Sydney, combining both Western and Eastern schools of thought, with psychotherapy and counselling. His workshops combine complex philosophical ideas in a practical hands-on way - and with humour. Oliver’s engaging approach teaches, demonstrates, motivates and encourages you to create a better life and uncover your full potential. Through his workshops you will receive the skills and knowledge to assist you on your journey towards healing.


Oliver will help you to bring meaning to your past, clarity to your present and guide you toward the new chapter you wish to create.

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