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2. Sunray - A Turning Point

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2 day workshops

The 10 Yogic Principles of Wellbeing


The 10 Yogic Principles of Wellbeing

2 Day Workshop

Yoga is an ancient and complete science of life that originated in India. It offers a profound understanding of our essential nature and the interrelationship between body and mind.

In this workshop we teach the full and comprehensive theory of wellbeing. In each day we will dedicate about an hour also to the physical practice of a simple Hatha postures with varying levels of complexity according to the level of the individuals in the group.


This 2-Day workshop will

  • Introduce the yoga philosophy of life (“marinated” in Eastern philosophies as well as Western school of thoughts in philosophy and psychotherapy). We will explore the main components of a complete yogic way of life and how to bring wellness into our daily life.

  • Explore how to make the most out of our life through short talks, group discussions, fun and introspective exercises in pairs and in small groups.

  • Explore yoga postures and flowing sequences in a supportive and nurturing environment. 

  • Teach breathing techniques (pranayama).

  • Guide you through Meditation.


"The Ten Principles of Wellbeing" workshop will be a perfect opportunity for you to rest from the past week, nourish your body and soul, and create a change in your life (we call it “the Y junction”).

For two days-away from work, worries and tension- you will go through a process that results in a growing awareness and a genuine understanding of wellbeing, as well as having a nice relaxing time in one of the venues we work with in various Australian locations. One of the most inspiring elements of this workshop is the unique opportunity to meet other people going through this process and share this experience with them. We find that a few days of “time-out” from the hustle and bustle of our stressful daily living, is an ideal way to deepen our clients’ experience of yoga, wellbeing and of life itself.


Practical Information


Location and Venue:

Sunray holds many workshops around Australia and overseas.

Please see our Schedule for 2019, in order to find about a workshop in a specific date and its location.    




We don’t provide food. There will be a lunch break during which you will be able to pick up a light meal at one of the cafés in the area of the venue, or bring your own lunch. 


What to Bring:

  • Open mind, notebook and pen

  • Yoga Mat

  • Meditation cushion- if you have one

  • Meditation Shawl (if you need one)

  • Warm clothes –sometimes during this season it can be chilly!

  • Water bottle

  • Light food or snacks to keep up your good energy :-)


Please see our schedule for 2019 to find a Sunray - A Turning Point workshop near you or book your place.

Locations: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane

Cost: $ XXX AUD

Two in One Boat

"Sunray - A Turning Point"

Two in One Boat- a Journey beyond the Ego

(A workshop for couples) 

2-day workshop with Dr. Oliver Rivers

The workshop “Two in One Boat- a Journey beyond the Ego” is for everyone who wants to experience a deeper relationship with their lover/partner. When we are being guided by our Ego, we find ourselves alone at the end of the day.


We feel disconnected from the person we are closest to; we feel removed from each other and perceive ourselves as separated and self-sufficient.


Hence, we  constantly judge the person who we perceive to be “behind a fence” and naturally feel judged and constantly engaged in games of power struggles.


This struggle may grant a brief sense of strength and pride (when we have the upper hand), but we NEVER really feel true joy, happiness, love- all the qualities that in their true nature CAN be tenacious, constant and everlasting. As is typical in wars and confrontations (that always stem from a false sense of separation), we all wear different uniforms, carry frontal shields and are constantly“watching our back”.


“Two in One Boat” invites both of you to transcend your Egos and meet each 

other in a different place.  


“Two in one boat” encourages you to feel fully alive and present in your body, your feelings, your sexual nature,your heart and your being.                                                                                                      

During the workshop we will aim to understand the nature of ‘Ego’ according to eastern and western theories. We will explore the ways of meeting as lovers BEYOND the Ego, discover how to be intimate which is the key to successful relationships.


“Two in One Boat” aims at bringing greater awareness into your everyday life

– that awareness which nurtures and promotes the part of you that longs to live more fully, beyond the call of your routine. The workshop aims at empowering you as individuals, enhancing your relationship/s and intensifying your sense of compassion, caring and happiness.  


The 2-day workshop focuses on psychological models of relationships beyond

the Ego. It is experienced during interesting individual, couple and group exercises and discussions. Additionally, we will discuss key principles that address general wellbeing. This 2-day workshop is a wonderful start of the journey beyond the Ego.                                                                                                                         


This 2-day workshop aims to:

  • Enable you to rest from the past week and rekindle

  • Enhance your romantic relationship and your sense of emotional and physical intimacy

  • Teach how to foster affection and closeness,rebuild and share a deeper

  • connection

  • Guide you how to restore and renew your love for one another

  • Combine Thai, Ayurvedic and western massage exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques, and more

The workshop aims to ensure that couples leave with a deep awareness

and positive feelings and beliefs about their relationship and with a

greater sense of friendship.

Practical Information  


Location and Venue:

Sunray Workshops holds many workshops around Australia and overseas.

Please see our schedule for 2019, in order to find about a workshop in a specific date and its location.    




Naturally, two options: There are workshops that we provide the meals and it

is included in the fee, and there are workshops that we invite you to bring

your own food (and the price of course is being adjusted).


Regardless, on each day of the workshop- if we do not provide the lunch (it

depends on our arrangement with different venues), there will be a lunch

break during which you will be able to pick up a light meal at one of the cafés

in the area, or bring your own lunch. 


If we do supply the lunch, the price of the added lunch is included in the

workshop's fee and cannot be changed, whether you bring your own food

anyway or not. We apologize for the inconvenience in that case (the food is being provided by the venue).



What to Bring:

Open mind, notebook and pen

Water bottle

Light food or snacks to keep up your good energy :-)






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