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Sunray - Staying on Track 

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Online support, connection & resources

Upon completion of Sunray workshops & retreat series


Ongoing Online Support & monthly meetings to keep connected and continuing your journey with Sunray's workshop & retreat series, plus: all participants receive a complimentary online Sunray membership for 1 year. 



Those who have completed “Sunray™: Immersion” are welcome to register and participate in a monthly online group meeting of “Sunray™: Staying on Track"..

Dear Sunray Friend,


Many people have called and written sharing with us that the retreats have indeed served as a turning point in their lives but when they return home it was all too easy to slowly fall into their old un-healthy patterns and habits and to “give-in”…

They asked us if we can continue and from time to time have a “top up”, stay in touch and continue to further witness each other lives and empower each other.


When we heard this we decided, indeed, to continue and support your journey.


From early 2019 we will start monthly online meetings of "Staying on Track" with friends that have already experienced a Sunray retreat. The meetings will take place on XXXXXXXXXX.


We believe that the movement toward balance and wellbeing happens simply and naturally by cultivating the body and the mind in accordance with the yogic philosophy.


At monthly online group meetings on the Sunray website, we will offer a brief lecture, motivation, group discussion and support, group/individual exercises and the opportunity for you to share your experiences.

Graduates of Sunray workshops & retreats will also receive a complimentary online membership for 1 year. Online membership includes access to Sunray's complete collection of video teachings by Dr Oliver Rivers, articles, yoga & resources to refresh / deepen your knowledge and to continue your journey with us.

Cost and registration

$XXXX AUD for 6 x monthly meetings (in 3 installments).

For online support/meetings/discussions

All Sunray Staying on Track participants receive a complimentary

online Sunray membership 1 year to refresh & deepen your learning.


Unfortunately we cannot refund for missed sessions: our goal is to keep you on track, so we hope to see you at all six sessions! 


To register,as well as to raise any further questions, please email us at



We are looking forward to catching up again and to continuing our journeys together,


complimentary Sunray

Online Membership

for 1 year 

(online teachings,

yoga & articles)

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