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Two in one Boat- a Journey beyond the Ego (COUPLES)


2-day workshop

The workshop“Two in One Boat- a Journey beyond the Ego” is for everyone

who wants to experience a deeper relationship with their lover/partner.


This 2-day workshop aims to:

  • Enable you to rest from the past week and rekindle
  • Enhance your romantic relationship and your sense of emotional and physical intimacy
  • Teach how to foster affection and closeness,rebuild and share a deeper connection
  • Guide you how to restore and renew your love for one another
  • Combine Thai, Ayurvedic and western massage exercises, meditation and relaxation techniques, and more


The workshop aims to ensure that couples leave with a deep awareness

and positive feelings and beliefs about their relationship and with a

greater sense of friendship.


Locations: Melbourne, Sydney & Brisbane

Date: TBA

'Sunray - A Turning Point': Two in One Boat, 2 Day Workshop (COUPLES)

  • 2 Day Workshop for Couples

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