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Sunray Immersion - 5 Day Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat

The 10 Yogic Principles of Wellbeing with Dr. Oliver Rivers


Retreat Locations Available: Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin & Hobart

Dates: TBA


The 5-day residential retreat is usually from 10am Wednesday, to Sunday early evening.

The 5-day residential retreat offers the full experience of “THE 10 YOGIC PRINCIPLES OF WELLBEING in peaceful resorts in various Australian locations.

Strategies and techniques are covered in depth, as well as a great and deep experience of individual and group process, in a profound experience of healing and wellbeing.

We take advantage of the fact that you stay with us for 5 days and nights (no work, kids, life obligations), and, thus, we are able to offer ample challenges and…lots of fun.


The 5-day retreat invites you to connect with others in a safe and nourishing space where you can relax and discover your way of awakening your spirituality.


This 5-day retreat aims to:

  • Introduce the yoga philosophy of life (“marinated” in Eastern philosophies as well as Western school of thoughts in philosophy and psychotherapy). We will explore the main components of a complete yogic way of life and how to bring wellness into our daily life.
  • Explore how to make the most out of our life through short talks, group discussions, fun and introspective exercises in pairs and in small groups.
  • Explore yoga postures and flowing sequences in a supportive and nurturing environment.
  • Teach breathing techniques (pranayama).
  • Guide you through Meditation.
  • Take you through guided imagery and relaxation exercises
  • Show you simple contact exercises and Thai/western massage techniques (that are easy to learn and to use in future)
  • One of our certified professional nutritionists/dietitians will teach you, in a long session, practical information on the relationship of diet and health, as well as step by step guidance to a balanced yogic “Sattvic” natural diet. We also suggest how to change your diet gradually rather than dramatically in order to be able to sustain this life change long term. During the workshop we will also teach you about the Doshas (Ayurveda mind and body type) and instruct you how to discover what is your particular Dosha. Hence, we will advise you what the recommended diet is for your Dosha.
  • Explore how to make the most out of our life through short talks, group discussions, fun and interesting introspective exercises in pairs and in small groups.
  • Invite you to experience Intuitive-Dance sessions, which is an invigorating and powerful meditative dance, designed to decrease stress and connect with the joy within.
  • Allow free time for walks, contemplation and to enjoy the beauty of the land.
  • Enable optional one-to-one discussion times with each of the facilitators to support your inner journey.

'Sunray - Immersion': 5 Day YOGA & WELLBEING RETREAT - Australia

  • 5 Day Yoga & Wellbeing Retreat in beautiful natural locations around Australia.

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