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Benefits of Art Therapy

A fun and gentle way for adults and children to express themselves non-verbally through art and creative expression with the support and gentle guidance of an Art Therapist. This may be particularly useful where verbal expression is challenging or for children where they may not have developed the vocabulary to express their feelings.


A great way to support clients with their emotions and cognition, development, physical fine motor skills, nurture their sense of identity and confidence, develop new skills, as well as tools to promote self regulation for balance and wellbeing in a safe, contained and supported environment.


Children can also enjoy exploring their senses, exploring stories, messy play, ideas, techniques, while practicing fine motor skills and the sensory aspect of the art materials. Children can can connect with their imagination and world through art materials, while supporting their cognitive, emotional, social and physical development.

Evidence based research has shown that Art therapy is beneficial for children, increasing children's ability to regulate emotions and impulsive behaviours, increase peer socialisation, develop and nurture self concept and family relations and has been shown to support improvement in language skills.

At Colourful Journeys Art Studio, sessions are designed to provide a fun creative experience offering a space for you or your child to explore creativity as well as your inner and outer worlds through the art materials, guided by Jess. Each session is designed around your interests, curiosity, needs, development, strengths and aspirations.



“Jess’ engaging, collaborative approach to art therapy and community access sessions (combined) was an amazingly good match for our family.

The twins both loved their regular sessions with Jess.

We recommend her therapeutic and multi-modal approach to communication/creative expression and community access.

The twins [both with ASD, with their own unique needs and strengths] 

experienced feeling valued and understood through art

which makes it multi-modal communication.


Jess is lovely, intuitive, responsive to each individual’s needs and my children found her engaging. Her collaborative approach to art therapy and

community access sessions combined were perfect for our family.

The kids enjoyed their sessions and were always happy to attend.

I can’t help but rave about her work with my children.

We recommend Jess’ sessions without reservation.”

– Patricia (Parent of clients), Auckland, New Zealand

“Jessica’s Art Therapy (Colourful Journeys) was a vital component to my ongoing mental and physical plan in addressing issues related to a neurological condition. As someone initially unfamiliar to the benefits of art therapy I needed someone with a unique skilled and innovative approach,

and I found this in Colourful Journeys.

Her skilled ability to guide and teach what is possible and bring out my strengths in my life story to date through her understanding and command

of art therapy is remarkable.


What stood out was Jessica’s ability to adapt and relate art therapy techniques and philosophies to my day to day challenges and long-term problems through each and every session. In addition to making things fun and creative, there was a level of flexibility and direction and purpose in her art therapy to assist achieving my goals. Using and applying many of the insights and positive feelings gained from Colorful Journeys I have been able to better manage my understanding of the world, better process feelings and maintain

reductions in stress and increases in self-esteem.


I would recommend Colourful Journeys to any person of

any challenge, of any age and of any background."

– Trent, Melbourne, Australia

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